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Starting Salaries for Graduates in 2008

Do you know what is the starting salaries for Graduates 10 years ago in 2008?

MOE has just conducted and released the results of a survey done regarding the starting salaries along with the employment rate of graduates from NUS, NTU and SMU in 2008. The results of the survey can be seen in the pictures below. The results of this survey are quite interesting and should offer an insight to those who are contemplating on which courses to choose in universities.

Graduate Employment Survey

The 3-year business courses seem to be much more cost-effective than the other 4-year courses such as engineering courses or science courses with honours. It seems that the starting salaries of the business courses not that far away from those 4 year courses. One year is a big difference when you consider the fact that one can get to graduate earlier and gain a year of experience and earn a year of salary.

An excellent choice with regards to the starting salaries would be the NUS business adminstration course with honours. The mean and median salaries are significantly higher than the other 4-year courses. Another good choice would be the SMU economics course given the high starting salaries.

If you look at the NTU biological sciences with honours, the full-time employment rate of this course is only at 77.9%. Now I wonder if anyone remembers the hype about the excellent prospects about reading life sciences or biological siences courses in universities not long ago, as the government was trying to promote and grow the life science industry.Despite the current recession and the subprime crisis which originate from the banking industry, I would still think that business courses are the way to go. Singapore, along with Hongkong are the financial hubs in this region and I don’t see why this current recession is going to change this fact.