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redONE Singapore

redONE is a fairly new player in the telecommunications industry having been founded in 2012. Since then, they’ve grown by leaps and bounds and have established a market in Malaysia. Since 2012, they’ve been expanding aggressively and they are ready for the Singaporean market.

redONE is a MVNO, which is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. These companies don’t own the infrastructure such as the other telecommunication companies.

So can redONE’s services actually be cheap?

First of all, redONE is a budget postpaid mobile service and in Singapore, they are offering plans that range from $8 to $28.


redONE’s Main Offerings

redONE’s main agenda in Singapore is to target users who frequently travel between Singapore and Malaysia. Users who use redONE in Singapore will not incur any data roaming costs in Malaysia. They can surf the internet with high-speed data at no extra cost. Also, even if the data plan is finished, a redONE user will still be able to use basic internet services like chatting, surfing and social media at no additional costs.

So if you are a frequent traveller to Malaysia, you might want to take advantage of that.

There are three main plans that redONE is offering in Singapore. But every plan comes with 1000 free minutes to other redONE numbers and 300 free minutes for other networks. On top of that users also get 30 free SMS’


Trial Launch Offers

redONE is offering quite a few trial period offers.

Here they are

  • Data roaming is free during the trial period no matter which country you are in. There will be no additional costs incurred during this period. But, there is a caveat, which is, you must provide feedback to redONE about their services
  • The second trial period offer is 50 minutes of free call time for people who sign-up during this period
  • There will be no registration or SIM card fees when a person signs up for a redONE service during the trial period.


redONE’s Plans in Singapore – What should you choose?

Monthly Fee (S$)$8$18$28
redONE Product Launch Offers
Voice Calls150 voice mins250 voice mins350 voice mins
High-Speed Data2GB5GB10GB
Data without BordersUsage in Malaysia
Basic InternetUnlimited 128kbps
redSOCIAL(FB/Skype/WA/YT)20GB – $18


The Amazing 8 Plan

This is the most basic plan from redONE. At $8, it’s one of the cheapest plans offered by any telcos. If you aren’t too much into calls or the internet, you can use the $8 plan. This is a good plan for older people who don’t have to interact much. This plan comes with 150 minutes of call time, which isn’t much.

But this plan paired with redSOCIAL can be a robust plan for people who only communicate through texting and messaging apps such as Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp etc.

The total for that would cost only $26 and you can get 22GB of Data. Along with this plan, you get 10 SMS’ as well.

The best part? Calls to other redONE numbers are absolutely free. These are unlimited calls. Even if your plan runs out, this plan is eligible for the unlimited internet, which means you can access basic internet services at 128KBPS which isn’t much, but it’s better than no internet.


The Amazing 18 Plan

The Amazing 18 Plan is the mid-tier plan from redONE. In this plan, you get 5GB of Data in 4G speeds. There is also 250 minutes of call time to all Singapore and Malaysia networks. As part of this plan, you get 20 SMS’.

Considering the data of 10GB a month isn’t much for a lot of young people, one can choose to get an add on package for either S$5 (1GB), S$15 (5GB) or S$25 (10GB).

If not one can always choose redSOCIAL that costs S$18 for services such as Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook, Skype and more.

This is a good plan for people who use their phones moderately.


The Amazing 28 Plan

This is the largest postpaid plan from redONE for the Singapore market. This plan cost S$28 and you get 10GB of data with  4G LTE speeds. The plan also offers 350 minutes of voice calls to all Singapore and Malaysia numbers.

There are also 30 SMS in this plan. This also with redSOCIAL would give a person 30GB of data which is pretty sufficient for a person who regularly accesses all the social apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and Youtube.

All the plans have unlimited calls between redONE numbers. This means, if you have friends and family, who you speak to fairly frequently, it will make sense to get redONE plans for everybody.

There is also unlimited internet for every plan which is capped at 128KBPS after you run out of data. This will still let you run basic communication apps.




Where can I sign up for a redONE line?

You can sign up at various partner store. 

What documents do I need to bring along in order to sign up for a redONE line?

For Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents (PR), please bring your original NRIC. For foreigners, please bring along your original FIN card, and other supporting documents verifying your residential address in Singapore. E.g. Employment Pass / S Pass / Student Pass / Long Term Dependant Pass / Work Permit (minimum 6 months’ validity from date of expiry). Passport is not accepted.

E.g. Utilities bill, bank / credit card statement (within 3 months)

Can I switch to redONE and keep my existing number?

Yes, you may do a Port-In Request at our store. We will guide you on the process. However, do note that port-ins can only be done for Postpaid numbers. If you have a prepaid number, you are required to convert it to a Postpaid number under the existing telco in order to port-in to redONE.

How long will it take to activate my line?

New registration will take 1-2 hours. If you are porting over your existing line from another telco, it will take 1-2 working days.

How do I access to my redONE account?

Currently, the only way to access to your redONE account to check on your balances is by downloading the redONE 1App.

What are the billing cycles like?

redONE has 1 billing cycle per month; the 1st of each month. The first bill will be pro-rated accordingly, dependent on the day of activation. E.g. If you have signed up for a mobile line on 7th May 2019, your first bill cycle will run from 7th May – 31st May 2019. The following bill will run from 1st June – 30th June 2019, and so on.

What other fees do I have to take note of?

Upon registration of the mobile line, there will be a one-time registration fee of $30, and a SIM card fee of $10. These fees are payable upfront and non-refundable. During the launch period, both registration and SIM Card fees are waived.

How do I receive my bills?

Bills are sent via email and accessible through the redONE 1App. However, you may request for a paper bill at a fee of $5/bill.

How do I make payment for my bills?

Payment of bills can be done online – through redONE 1App. Alternatively, you may walk in to any of our partners’ shop to make payment in cash/card, or apply for GIRO payment with your respective providers. Note: As GIRO payment takes some time for the bank to process, please continue paying your bill through redONE partners till you receive a confirmation from us that your GIRO is in place.

What is Basic Internet? And what is the speed for Basic Internet?

Basic Internet will kick in when your local data bundle is fully utilized, and your internet speed will be throttled down to 128kbps. This is to prevent bill shock for our subscribers. 128kbps is enough to send out basic messages. To gain access to high speed Internet again, all you have to do is purchase a data add-on via our 1App. Alternatively, when the bill cycle resets on the 1st of every month, subscribers will have access to high speed Internet from their bundle again.

What is the launch promotion?

Launch promotion is as follows:

  • Registration and SIM Card fees waived
  • Free Caller ID until further notice
  • Free Data Roaming Services

*Free data roaming services are capped up to 1.5GB of data, dependent on the signed plan and country roamed to.


About redONE

redONE was established in 2012 as the first postpaid Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the ASEAN region and currently has over a million active users. Its philosophy and services are designed to deliver what truly matters in the most simple and practical manner. Now available in Singapore, Red One Pte Ltd aims to deliver superior customer experience and value.


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