Cost of iPhone XS Max in Singapore

iPhone XS is arguably the best iPhone created. And we don’t say that simply. We have heard from the market that response for the phone is not as strong as the ones in 2017. Simply because phones this time round are so expensive! 

So why should you choose the iPhone XS Max in Singapore?

Normal Retail Price of iPhone XS, XS Max, XR in Singapore

CapacityiPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone XR

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The 6.5 inch visual extravaganza

This is the largest iPhone screen ever created. At 6.5 inches, it’s a behemoth. It might not fit in your skinny jeans pocket, but it more than makes up for the visual experience.

The graphics on this phone is way better than the iPhone X because of the A12 bionic chip. This means, the colours and visuals are 50% more crisper and richer.

The screen to body ratio is almost 84% which means, a pure screen is staring at you. It’s like having your own high definition mini TV on the go. This will make those subway rides much more bearable.

If you are a gamer, and you play GTA San Andreas on your iPhone, the finer details are a  lot more clear and objects and movements are seamless.

The Massive 512GB space

What makes this phone pricey is the 512GB space. But why do I need so much space, you might ask?

When you shoot videos on the iPhone XS Max, you can shoot it at 2160p at 60fps. This is best among all phones. Your video quality will be the same as the video below.

These videos take a lot of space. A 10 minute video will take about 3.5GB in space. When you are shooting videos on your holiday, or a birthday celebration, your high quality videos will take up a considerable amount of space.

Battery Life

Generally phones with a large display, consume massive amounts of battery charge. Apple has focused on improving the battery life by almost 1.5x compared to the iPhone X. This means you can go a day and half without having to charge your phone.

This is one of the reasons, you’ll need the 512GB iPhone XS Max. Red White Mobile is retailing at a very attractive price. Prices seem to be fallen from $2349 to $2080. Just 4 days after the phone is being launched. This shows how weak the demand for such a phone is in Singapore.

iPhone XS Max Price in Singapore

red white mobile iphone xs

Modern day game apps that give an immersive experience take considerable space as well.

Is it good to purchase iPhone XS in Singapore?

Well look at the queue on the day of launch. It is crazy, just because people from the neighbouring countries all rush for such since Singapore is the first in the region to have this launched.

If you are a hardcore iPhone fan and if you do not mind such a pricey phone. This is a great deal.

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