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Buying Airpods 2 Singapore

I change my earphones every once in a while. That’s because the quality of wired earphones slowly die out over time and the sound quality gets weaker. In my bid to get new headphones, there was an obvious choice – The Apple Airpods. Apple does not call this version 2 or Airpods 2 as this model is merely a slight upgrade from the previous. Oh there is a very good version for Airpods 2 Super copy available in the market too. 

Initially ridiculed for its design, after a bunch of reviews it has been decided that it’s one of the best earphones out there in the market. And Singapore has a TON of earphone options.

I did some digging around and here are the details, specs of the 3 versions of Airpods Singapore Apple is retailing!

Before we get to the Airpods or Airpods 2, let’s see what versions are sold in Singapore!

Singapore Airpods 2

singapore airpods 2 price

#1 – Airpods with Wireless Charging Case

Price: $299

This version comes with a charging case that can be charged wirelessly through a standard Qi wireless charger.

#2 – Airpods with Charging Case

Price: $239

This version comes with a charging case that can only be charged with the USB cable

#3 – Wireless Charging Case

Price: $119
Only the case were sold.

About the Airpods

The Airpods are one of Apple’s most interesting devices. They are earphones that are wireless and can be charged wirelessly too. There are various features that we will get into.

Inside the Box

Inside the box, you’ll find the charging case, the earpods, the USB Lightning cable and some instruction manuals.

The Design and Setup

One of the first things you notice about the Airpods is, it’s basically the Apple earphones with the wires cut off. Initially, the Airpods were ridiculed for its alien-like appearance, but soon you realise the importance of its design. Which we will get into!

The material is plastic, with a glossy finish. Now coming to actually how it looks. Let’s be honest, nobody looks cool wearing Airpods. The design is super weird and it feels like it’s incomplete. So if you are one of those people who are super conscious about the way they look, then the Airpods aren’t for you.

The charging box is a tad better. It has a neat and seamless finish and the functioning of opening it is like one of those Zippo lighter’s.

So how do you set this up?

Apple is known for its super intuitive style of doing things and the way your phone syncs with the Airpods will blow your mind. So how it works is, you open your iPhone and then open the lid of the Airpods, it will automatically sync with your phone.

The setup is super simple and once your phone is connected, you can use the same sequence of opening the lid to get information such as battery life.

You can use the Airpods with any Android device too. There is a button on the charging box that you will need to press to activate the pairing mode.

Use and Comfort

For all the issues about the design. Apple has managed to make the Airpods ergonomically suitable. These are probably the best possible earbuds you will put in your ear that you can trust. There have been so many instances in the past, where I’ve worn an earphone and I can literally feel the earbuds fall off. It’s a very annoying experience.

The Airpods on the other hand is super reliable. I mean I wore it a week. I worked out, I ran, I did the usual things and there was no hint that I would lose my Airpods.

To be honest, you need to be careful if you might lose it at home. They are super tiny and you could easily lose it under the bad, under the chair and so on.

From a comfort standpoint this is 10/10.

The Siri Advantage

Every product is smart these days. So why shouldn’t the Airpods be smart as well? They are. The first thing you notice about the Airpods is its close integration with Siri. It’s very easy to start Siri, you can double tap any of the earbuds and you can ask Siri to change the music, check the weather and so on.

It’s also super smart. More often than not you will be interrupted when you use earphones and what I normally have to do is remove my earphone, pause the music, listen to the person and then play again. With the Airpods, you can remvoe the earbuds and the music will pause automatically and when you place it back in your ear, it plays again. How cool is that?!

Sound Quality and Battery Life

With earphone it’s very difficult to get good bass. Why? All the machinery needs to be put in that small space and some shortcuts have to be taken. Having said that, the Airpods have incredible Bass. Listening to AC/DC rock it out? No problem!

The sound is amazing and in terms of quality it’s the best product out there with no other close competitor. No other earphone company can make a product with such good quality sound.

One big disadvantage with wireless earphones is, you need to charge them. So how’s the battery life for the Airpods?

Understanding battery life on a wireless charging product like the Airpods is a bit complicated. Let me break it down.

  • Your Airpods have a charge of 5 hours
  • The charging case fully charged can give you 24 hours of music
  • The charging case can be used to charge your Airpods and will give you 3 hours of battery life with a 15 minute charge

I’ve taken calls from the Airpods and the call quality is super awesome and these are the best earbuds I’ve encountered. Better than anything else in the world.

Frequently asked questions about Airpods 2 Singapore

Are AirPods good?

Airpods are pretty great. They are considered one of Apple’s best devices. They change the way we use earphones and it’s a much more seamless experience.

Is AirPods wireless charging?

Apple releases a version of the Airpods that comes with wireless charging. It costs S$60 more. It works with any Qi standard wireless charger.

Do Apple AirPods fall out easily?

This might be the consensus, looking at it. But when you actually wear the Airpods you actually realize how snugly it fits and it’s one of the best fitted earbuds out there.

Alternatives to Airpods

If you think above pricing hurts your wallet, do consider the Alternatives to Airpods.

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