The wait that will prove to be worthed the wait

The last time I actually wrote something on this site was a couple of months ago. The reason why I have stopped writing for such a long time is that there is really nothing interesting out there in the market for me to write about as there is nothing which I can capitalize on.

Bonds in particular, the Singapore Government Bonds and Treasury Bills are still near their historical yield level which makes any purchase unattractive.

Stocks are neither here or there. It is at a price level which is not undervalued enough (at least for me) to purchase them. But it is also not ridiculously overpriced such that some upside is still possible. I’m an risk averse investor so I only seek to buy at a price significantly below their worth.

Properties should be pretty obvious to everyone. It has been in the headlines for a long time with mostly bullish news. Price are still bursting through the peak. Flip through the newspapers and properties advertisement and sale launches are still everywhere. Similar to stocks, I reckon it is not a good idea to buy near the peak.

I am actually bidding my time to capitalize on events which I think it may happen in the near future.

The stock market has been trending sideways for the past year or so. There are a few issues which may have a potential for stocks to be on the downside. These issues now are the Greek debt crisis and the sluggishness of the US economy being weighed down by huge amount of the debt. I would say that the latter is contributing more to the sideway trending that we are seeing now. Despite of this, I do not think that the market is going to fall heavily. I am waiting for the opportunity to snap up quality stocks but meanwhile, it will be waiting and waiting for the market to fall and monitoring the companies on my watchlist.

The property market locally is a bubble waiting to be burst. For me, it is not a matter of if but when. There has been a few articles out there warning about this. The main factors are as the following.

  • Tightening of foreign labour policies
  • Oversupply of land and properties
  • Rise in interest rates

The tightening of foreign labour policies will see a drop in demand and the oversupply of land coupled with properties with developments coming in the pipeline in the next few years will be a double whammy. Besides, interest rates will not remain low forever and when it rise, it will affect the mortgage payments of properties owners and the serviceability of their loans. Still remember the property crash back in 1998 ? When this happens, it will be easy to snap up properties counters at firesale prices.

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