Genneva Gold

There is a pretty interesting post with a few hundred comments on lioninvestor’s site. The post was about a company called Genneva Gold, which exists in Malaysia and Singapore. The links to the company’s website can be found here. In this post, there were a lot of comments that debate on whether this investment is true or not and there were a lot of heated arguments and debates.

In my opinion, Genneva Gold is likely to be a fradulent company. Firstly, the returns does not corresponds with the risk. It seems to be a high return and low risk investment and that is not possible at all. Secondly, the business model of Genneva Gold seems to be unsustainable. Not much is said about how is the profits of the company being generated. Without being profitable, Genneva Gold will not be able to last long.

There were a lot of interesting insights and detailed analysis made by various parties that explains on why Genneva Gold seems to be a scam. The strange thing is that many still choose to believe that Genneva Gold is workable and not a scam. This is where I think that the greed has blinded them and they choose only to look at the good side of things instead stepping back and take a serious look at this investment. Unfortunately, this is also the very same reason why I think that the majority of people are not likely to do well when it comes to the stock market.

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